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Today was our day to get our seedlings out of the hot  house and into our garden!

It’s a big day full of “adventure” as Lola tells her parents.

Today was planting day so no hike.  I did  hear one of the children say, “no hike today Mom?”

That is sweet….. but we just can’t do it all

First we worked to weed and wake up the soil.  Rake and dig, rake and dig……. mother and child. ♥

Next onto to planting our sugar snap peas and basil.  Carefully pulling the seedlings out of the plastic soda bottle containers.  Dante says, ” the roots look like pasta! ” Love that imagination!!!


Everyone had a turn to water!  Oh yes we did get some water on us too!

Oh why not?  It was a deliciously sunny day!


It’s a great time to start a garden, big or small with your child.  Start with some herbs that are easy to sprout in a flower pot.  Easy peasy…..  explore the roots as Nettie’s mom did at home with her…. plant dissection!  She said some did not survive.  Eat what you grow…. can’t get more natural than that!!!  Much love to our little gardeners.   Sue