What a wonderful sight to see these girls working along side adults who have so many ideas and memories to share. On this day many of the girls learned that you can work together with people who are of a different generation.  Initially tentative about coming to the Senior home, they left feeling excited and more self assured.

Image As humans we all share the love of nature and have our own personal experiences with it.  That is part of what shapes us as individuals.  This project of creating a nature collage, gave the girls an opportunity to take some time to share with others. The results were quite inspirational.
Image This project is a part of Avalon’s “Generation”Program, which I began this year.  My hope is that these growing girls will share their love of the natural world with residents from a Senior home and grow to appreciate that no matter what the age nature is something that brings us together and does not keep us separate.    ImageHere is the final project.  Lovely collages that will be part of a joint art show in June to be held at the Senior home.

Our next adventure is creating photographs at Avalon Park and Preserve.  We hope to have our new friends join us!