ImageTime to be free…. ImageImage Yesterday the Natural Patterns class spent the afternoon in the garden releasing some ladybugs.  Actually 2500 of them.  I was so proud of the kids as they let the bugs crawl all over their hands.  Now one screeched or ran away. The bugs had friendly hands to climb onto.   

I think it was the first time in my life i was ever covered in bugs.  They tickled our hands and sometimes our necks.  Pure joy!  

After doing some research about where to purchase them I decided on the   I ordered them on Friday and they arrived on Tuesday.  When the mailman delivered them he said he was creeped out the whole time he was driving around with them in his truck!!  Ha ha!  

It was a great day ….. we watched a video showing a time lapsed life cycle of the ladybug (or lady beetle as some refer to it) and the kids were amazed to see what they look like in the larval stage.  

I hope these bugs decide to stay around our garden and make some more ladybugs to keep all the plants healthy!  

 More fun pictures……