Spring is teaming with life and we were lucky enough to be out in the woods of Avalon yesterday!  So many things to explore, admire and look at closely.  Fascinating teeny tiny inch worms, onion grass, mushrooms  and of course the pond.  Nestled among the trees there is this special pond which is home to all sorts of unfurling ferns, Jack in the Pulpit flowers, grasses, trickling water, frogs and ……  da da daaaaaa  a large snapping turtle.

Lovely pictures taken by Winnie!!!


The kids knew there was a snapping turtle in the pond and I did not.  But as an educator I’ve learned that sometimes kids can teach me something.  On their own they set out to catch this mysterious turtle.  Their method.  Tying onion grass to a long stick.  They were having a blast.  I however, as an adult had my doubts.  Ha ha …. I thought it’s harmless fun.

Well little did I know there WAS a big snapping turtle hiding under a rock.  All of a sudden Winnie  shouts out there’s a turtle!  We all try to fit on this rock bridge to catch a look and sure enough there was the wise old turtle hanging out.  It was substantial.

 Shame on me for being a non believer.  They removed their bait ridden sticks and we waited for the water to still itself.  There it was.  How joyful!!

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It’s a great thing to appreciate children’s ingenuity.  Sometimes I think we overlook it because as adults we are so busy.  (doing what I sometimes wonder)  So the next time your kid tells you something that sound a little out there take the extra time to listen. They may teach you something.

Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.

Jane Goodall