A gentle stroll in the woods of Avalon.  Ten Senior Citizens ranging in age from 90 to 100 years came by bus to visit with our 4th Grade Girls Scouts today.   To see such amazing adults paired up with enthusiastic  young girls made my heart glow.  The weather was lovely and the birds sang as the sun dappled the undergrowth. Friendships were formed.100_7704

 No matter what  our age, we breathe the same air and process the joys of nature to that positive place in our minds and hearts.  It is free and it is available to all those that are willing to partake.

These pictures are just snapshots of the day out in the woods.  But the experiences these girls shared was priceless.  To walk with people whom they are learning to understand and not be ambivalent about helping creates young citizens who will be compassionate towards an older population.

Part of our mission in this project is to create a joint art show between the Girl Scouts and the Seniors to be held at the the Senior’s Residence.  The girls worked with many of them last month to create nature collages and today they assisted in the Seniors taking nature photos which will be displayed at the show.  The girls have also been doing photography on their days without the Seniors.


Mildred, one of the seniors, said she had to take this photo.  She insisted that it was a fabulous tree!! How she wished she could climb it.  Her stories continued about how much she loved to climb trees when she was little and the girls shouted that they LOVE to climb trees too.

I can’t help but feel that the intention for creating this park was fulfilled today and each time we share it with others.

Peace,   Sue