These camps we’ve been doing  remind me of when I was little and how I used to pull up the slates in my backyard to find  roly ploys. Every slate opened up a new world for me!

 That is what happened at camp this week, lots of excitement and new experience for the campers.

These pictures speak volumes.  IMG_0680


IMG_0615IMG_0681So many things to look for hidden in the crevices and also in plain sight.  Teaching children to take the time to look and they will do it.  They just have to be given the right environment.

To hold a jar with a bee buzzing in it up to your ear and not be afraid…. to really know what that sounds like!  Amazing!


To catch a boatman bug in the pond and watch it swim around in your cup with legs that look like feathers.

The kids never want the camp to end and frankly I don’t blame them!

Keep on exploring!  Sue