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After Erik put away all his equipment, with the help of the kids, they were treated to a short ride in the bucket of his truck.  I know many of them wanted to go the full 60 feet in the air but they had to settle for the 7 feet up approach with Erick at the controls.  I would think that most of them never did this before so it was a thrill none the less!!!  The whole day was a great success and I feel like the kids will look at people who cut down trees and take care of them with a new view.  Not sure how I could ever top the bucket truck ride!

IMG_1531IMG_1530IMG_1526IMG_1523IMG_1519After everyone got their ride Erik decided it was time to put Miss Sue in the bucket….  of course I was willing… of course he decided to put me all the way up – 60 feet!!!  It was the most spectacular view of Avalon!  Sophia took a video of me (which I won’t share with all of you)  and you could hear one of the kids in the background say, “You can touch the clouds!”  It almost seemed that way!   Thanks again to Erik and Buzz for coming to Avalon to share your love of what you do!!!



IMG_1445This beautiful photo was taken by Amelie, one of the hikers in the group!

On our hike to today we had a contest to see who could collect the most nuts.  I called them my nutty bunch!  They have a great deal of energy and it is always a challenge to get them to notice the things around them.  I love that they get to run, but exploring can be part of the adventure too!   After our hike the kids returned to the barn with their stash of nuts to see who was the winner.  Of course we all knew that Matt would be the winner because his pockets were practically hanging down to his knees.  But then something happened…. some of the kids decided to add to Matt’s pile….  so I think then they all decided they were  winners!!  Matt was okay with that and which made me sigh with relief!

Wiggly worm find!

Wiggly worm find!

IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1460

Love my nutty bunch…. it was a fun day!!!  xoxox

I am lucky enough to have a friend who is an arborist and is enthusiastic about his job after doing it for 20 years.  I told the kids that we would have a surpirse visitor this week and we did!   I like the idea of exposing kids to different jobs that people do related to nature.  As a kid growing up I never knew about the wonderful world of hiking and camping,  It wasn’t til I was old enough to go out on my own and discover it!!!   Lucky kids!  

Erik pulled up in his amazing bucket truck  with all his gear and his dog Buzz ready to talk to the kids about what he does and the tools he uses.Image


Erik shows them his chainsaw and explains that he attaches it to his belt and climbs the tree with it.  He gave the kids an opportunity to feel the weight of the saw.

After he explained all his tools it was time to put on the belt and climb some trees!!!   The kids were so excited to test it out!     Everyone was successful and of course wanted to do it again!  But we had to move on…..  Bucket truck next……..    Thanks Erik!!!




Perfect Fall day!

We wandered around the trail on a color hunt!  Looking for reds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns and blues.  It was a fun way to get the kids and moms and grand moms to work together.  Along the way we stopped and talked and I punch their color cards with my “smelly feet” hole punch.  They were all working towards getting all the colors identified and  receiving an acorn necklace and beads for their hard work!

Here are some fun pics.  Love to see the moms smiling along with the kids!


HEY ALL!!  I’d like to report that something is missing…. 

Now don’t worry because it can easily be found if we as adults take the time to find it again.   We found it yesterday while we were in the woods and I think all the kids were in their state of bliss…. a place where kids spend too little time these days.


So do you want to know what it is???  Ok here it is….Image


Did you get it yet???  ok here’s some more if you are not getting what is MISSING…..Image



YES, YES YES ……that’s it…..  you got it now…..


TREE CLIMBING is missing in kid’s lives these days….  

I can only sum it up in one quote, “This is so FUN!!”  Liam exclaimed.

Enough said….. now get out and do it!!!!

with love…. Sue


ps …. it’s free



Today was a glorious day for taking a look at some of our trees at Avalon.  Most notably the Black Walnut and the Hickory Tree!

Both produce these interesting multilayered nuts. But most of all they are exciting to SMASH open.  That’s exactly what we did.  Each of my enthusiatic outdoor-kids were ready to take a turn breaking open these nuts.  How do those squirrels do it????

We tasted the black walnut which Shannon said had a strawberry flavor in it!!  They were yummy.   These odd looking nuts are hidden undercover on the trees inside these lime colored looking fruits.  When they are ready, they drop to the ground and proceed to rot and turn black.  Before you can get to the nutty insides you have to peel away a messy dirty layer…..  yuck…  then there is the treasure!

But first how do we get to the inside.  Well luckily Miss Sue did some research beforehand and she brought the wrench for holding the nut (also to protect her hands from getting smashed) and a hammer.   Before long they were cracked open!   Everyone was eager to try it.

We were less successful with the hickory nuts, of which are all over the place but dried out inside… what a disappointment. But lot’s of fun to collect!


We continued our walk along the wildflower fields which are slowly turning brown… with seeds all ready to fall to the ground for next year’s blooms.  The milkweed plants are in their glory with all of their pods popping open to reveal the amazing layers of seeds attached to little “wish” machines which will help the seeds float away to their new homes!


Amazing milkweed, amazing smile!

Happy Trails