HEY ALL!!  I’d like to report that something is missing…. 

Now don’t worry because it can easily be found if we as adults take the time to find it again.   We found it yesterday while we were in the woods and I think all the kids were in their state of bliss…. a place where kids spend too little time these days.


So do you want to know what it is???  Ok here it is….Image


Did you get it yet???  ok here’s some more if you are not getting what is MISSING…..Image



YES, YES YES ……that’s it…..  you got it now…..


TREE CLIMBING is missing in kid’s lives these days….  

I can only sum it up in one quote, “This is so FUN!!”  Liam exclaimed.

Enough said….. now get out and do it!!!!

with love…. Sue


ps …. it’s free