I am lucky enough to have a friend who is an arborist and is enthusiastic about his job after doing it for 20 years.  I told the kids that we would have a surpirse visitor this week and we did!   I like the idea of exposing kids to different jobs that people do related to nature.  As a kid growing up I never knew about the wonderful world of hiking and camping,  It wasn’t til I was old enough to go out on my own and discover it!!!   Lucky kids!  

Erik pulled up in his amazing bucket truck  with all his gear and his dog Buzz ready to talk to the kids about what he does and the tools he uses.Image


Erik shows them his chainsaw and explains that he attaches it to his belt and climbs the tree with it.  He gave the kids an opportunity to feel the weight of the saw.

After he explained all his tools it was time to put on the belt and climb some trees!!!   The kids were so excited to test it out!     Everyone was successful and of course wanted to do it again!  But we had to move on…..  Bucket truck next……..    Thanks Erik!!!