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Yesterday was our second week of “hiking in the dark.”   Let’s just say we had a much smaller group this week.  I can’t help but wonder what was going on ???? Were the other kids tired? Were they afraid of being cold?  Scared?  Not sure BUT……  It was just us girls out in the woods and it was a blast!!! 

Me, Mackenzie, Rylie, Mae and Nicole were out there turning over logs and talking about how the logs decompose.  In the dark….  we found only three lonely millipedes .  So cool to see them under the beams of the flashlight… scurrying back into the log.  I asked the kids where they thought all the worms were because we had seen so many just a month ago???  “Inside the log keeping warm!” said one the girls.  

I was so amazed by the spirit of adventure these three had.  It was a starry starry night and the moon had not risen yet.  But each of these girls brightened the area around us with their willingness to hike on to the big rock!  What a great memory for them.

Here they are my rugged nighttime girls! Keep on hiking xoxoxo





I know you were very proud of it and I am so flattered that you would take the time to draw me surrounded by all those hearts and stars!  It’s hanging on my fridge.  🙂

Sharing time with these children is so wonderful and warms my heart even on the cold night hikes we do!




Day two of darkness hiking at Avalon!  We set out with our flashlights into the night… really it was only 5:00 when we started.  Once again the moon lit the sky … the rainbow rings surrounding it.

Sophia told me that she heard a story that all the snakes will come alive when the moon has that circle around it……  no snakes on this walk!


As we set out, with flashlights at the ready, we crossed the road as usual and headed into the woods.  It is amazing how dark it gets with just a few lights to lead the way.

Tonight I had two experiments in my pocket.  Simple as can be but fun.

I talked about our vision and our pupils and how in the dark we are basically color blind.  We turned out our lights and I took out two markers (pink and green).

I drew a line of each color on their hands and asked them to guess what color they were.  Most were close with their guess…. I had blues, reds, greens…..  The truth would be revealed when we went back to the barn.

DSC_1180 DSC_1182 DSC_1183 DSC_1184 DSC_1190

The second experiment involved the good ole winter green lifesavers!  We sat on the leaves in a circle and crunched on these rings watching sparks pop in our mouths!  It certainly was a lot of laughs.

I think it was the first time any of them had done it!!!  Chemistry come to life!

Best part of the evening for me is when they all starting singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”….. Don’t worry about a thing…. cause everything’s gonna be alright.

Those were the only words they knew and they sang it again and again…..   I think it was soothing to them as we were on our 35th minute of the hike!

Love these kids!!!!

Here’s the music if you want to play it at home

We are into November classes and are met with a new challenge for our older classes.  When they arrive at 4:30 the sun is just about ready to set…..  so what to do???   Hmmmmm let’s see …..


I must say that when I was little I never walked in the woods.  These k-3rd graders were all geared up for going.  Initially there were some who wanted to go back to the barn and there were intermittent yelps of , “I’m cold!”  but we pushed on.  Equipped with our flashlights we shuffled through the leaves and tripped over roots and looked at how bright the moon was!


With Nicole, our helper, at the back of the pack we all stayed brave and on a steady course!ImageImageImageImageImage

I was so proud of the hikers.  Everyone made it back to the barn and on the way there Matt discovered some ice!  Nice way to end the hike!!!  

Don’t let the darkness deter you !!!!  imagine a time before lights and batteries when nighttime settled in…. then what?   You still had to go outside to get “stuff” or go to the bathroom!!!  YIKES ! Brrrrr


Happy Hiking, Miss Sue