Yesterday was our second week of “hiking in the dark.”   Let’s just say we had a much smaller group this week.  I can’t help but wonder what was going on ???? Were the other kids tired? Were they afraid of being cold?  Scared?  Not sure BUT……  It was just us girls out in the woods and it was a blast!!! 

Me, Mackenzie, Rylie, Mae and Nicole were out there turning over logs and talking about how the logs decompose.  In the dark….  we found only three lonely millipedes .  So cool to see them under the beams of the flashlight… scurrying back into the log.  I asked the kids where they thought all the worms were because we had seen so many just a month ago???  “Inside the log keeping warm!” said one the girls.  

I was so amazed by the spirit of adventure these three had.  It was a starry starry night and the moon had not risen yet.  But each of these girls brightened the area around us with their willingness to hike on to the big rock!  What a great memory for them.

Here they are my rugged nighttime girls! Keep on hiking xoxoxo