Today was the perfect day for a hike at Avalon!  My husband, dog and me!!  We wandered along the green trail to the yellow.  My husband asked where I took all of the kids on the hikes I led.  As we walked along I showed him different spots we covered throughout the year.  I brought him to the fairy house which we visited and cleaned up with my older group.  Someone added some gnomes and a Christmas wreath.  I think the kids would have loved to see this.  Maybe writing some stories about our friends that live there would be fun?


Two people passed by and laughed at the home. It looks like the snow did a job on it so maybe a renovation is in order. 


We also saw these amazing vines hanging from some trees.  I wanted to swing from them and yell like Tarzan (or Jane)!  It is amazing how the twisting of the vines have created this amazing sight.  Although realistically the trees which support these suckers are no loving them.  Beautiful to photograph though.


One of the highlights of the hike was watching all the amazing Blue Jays, Cardinals and Woodpeckers swarm the area near the Nature Conservancy sign on Shep Jones Lane.   It was like a rainbow of birds.  We just stood there for minutes watching them come and go.  So beautiful.   (no photos just memories)

I kept wishing I could show this to the kids in my classes.  

As the sun shined on our faces I kept imagining all sorts of fun and fabulous ideas for the kids in March.  I really can’t wait!!!

So PLEASE take your kids out for a hike and explore…maybe look for the things I’ve found.  It’s a guaranteed smile!!