YIPEEEE! Our first class of the Spring season. Ha!  After talking about the seasonal cycle of the trees and our printing project we bundled up and headed outdoors.  Not sure but I think the temperature hovered around a bitter 20 degree.  But there were trails we needed to crunch on and piles of snow to climb! 

They were troopers, these little 3-5 year olds.  With their spirits alive and on fire they ran down the trails in their snow suits.  It made me laugh to see such energy while some of the parents were trying to deal with the frosty temps surrounding their bodies.  

How wonderful to spend time outside breathing in the winter air.  Yes, it is a bit cold but the experience for most of the kids was exhilarating.  Some stayed close the their moms and dads, perhaps for extra warmth and support.  

 As parents it is sometimes easier to keep the kids indoors during these cold winter months, but the fresh air and exercise can only help your child.  Even if it is only for 20 minutes, they can crunch in the snow or just walk around in footsteps.  It creates great memories for them to write about when they are older!!   So sweet.   Also a great reason to have hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Here are some of our champion hikers!! 


Climbing the mountain!

ImageImageImageLove that hat!ImageDeer tracks!!!






Batman Benjamin exploring!

It was a great day and we look forward to more hikes as the weather warms and the leaves begin to unfurl.

Get outside!