Well here we are again with some new faces; we’ve added Kathryn and Celeste to our group.  Welcome girls!

When released into the outdoors these kids go crazy!!!  With a capital Z!   It’s been a long winter and being cooped up in the house with little exposure to the sun, they managed to store up lots of  energy.

We began class by talking about Wilson Bentley, a gentleman known as Mr. Snowflake.  He was one of the first people to photograph snowflakes.     Mr. Bentley was repeatedly told he was crazy to do what he was doing, but he did not give up. He was passionate about his snowflakes.  In the end all of his hard work was acknowledged and  published in a book entitled  “Snowflakes in Photographs.”  It shows page after page of the snowflakes he photographed.  Pretty impressive, especially for the early 1900’s!

Here is a page from his book.images

When I asked who inspires them Shannon talked about her Uncle who is an artist.  She said it made her want to do art.  Kathryn said she was inspired by Lindsay Von, a famous skier.  She said she skis all the time.  I was so proud to these girls that they were able to identify what an inspiration is and even more impressed that they had people they looked up to!  Way to go!

The outdoor session of our class was a great opportunity to look for animal tracks and make some tracks of our own.  We were able to find deer, squirrel and bunny tracks.  They spotted field mice and a rabbit.   Image

Just being silly on the trail!


It looks like a marshmallow but it is actually a praying mantis egg case


Chris looking for animal tracks.

It’s wonderful to see these kids so full of life and energy (sometimes too much … hahaha) going thru the fields finding their way.  I believe each of them take home their own person memory of the time we spent out in the fields.  Looking forward to making more memories!

Get outside!