Wow! One day you have no coats the next day you are dressing in warm coats and rain ponchos!!!  But that didn’t stop this group of First, Second and Third Graders!!!!  They are a super group with an amazing amount of experience in the outdoors.  As we sat at the table doing our twig/bud paintings I was thrilled to hear about all the adventures they’ve had with their families!!!!   Great job parents!!

They were also extremely knowledgeable about animal facts.  Hannah made sure that we all knew that possums do not hang by their tails to sleep.  Owen and Riley were thrilled to share info about the gila monster.  Love the enthusiasm.

As we worked on our projects you could hear the rain pounding on the metal roof of the barn.  What a wonderfully inviting sound.

When it was time to hike the kids were all willing to head out into the rain.  One of my favorite things to do!

Here they are ready to go…. they really were excited to get out….  perhaps the picture doesn’t reflect it.  🙂

Image  BRRRRRRRR!  But still no complaints!!

We explored the Staghorn Summac trees which kind of reminded us of Dr. Suess and we climbed the rocks by the Tulip Trees,  and wandered on the muddy path back to the barn.  These kids are tough even as the rain pummeled them.    LOVE IT!!!     I must say I am very encouraged to be with this group of future environmentalists…..  I think I need to step up my game because one the boys told me he already knew everything I talked to them about.  Oh Miss Sue… get with it!   Happy hiking 🙂