What a perfect day to begin Seedlings first all Kindergarten class!  You might  see snow on the ground in the pictures but these kids were treated to a simply lovely day with temperatures that warranted no winter coat…. heavenly!!!!!!!!


This Spring I decided to try something new with the kids.  It’s kind of reminiscent of tour guides in NYC, but I think it just might work!  I want to teach them about staying together as a group and how that is important when hiking.   With two flags, that I made with felt and a dowel (thanks to my husband for cutting them so precisely), one labeled with “L” for leader and “S” for sweep ( a term we used when riding with the bike club for the person who makes sure no one is left behind)  Each time we meet I will look for great listeners and select a leader and a sweep.  (obviously every kid will get a turn over the course of classes) .

My goal is to get them used to working together, not an easy thing for eager kindergartners out on the trail.  BUT, I must say this group rose to the occasion and they really went along with the whole idea.  I was so impressed.  It also enabled us to stop and explore together instead of me worrying about someone running up ahead without the group. I’l keep you updated ………


Exploring, we found some bird nest remnants and a dog foot print…  

Okay Imageso 




Back a the barn awaited their beautifully painted twig and bud creations.  That was the topic for today …. all the life that is getting ready to burst open when the warmth graces Avalon consistently.  We all can’t wait!






Today’s fun thing to do is:  Go into your yard and look at the buds on trees with your kids.  If possible touch them and talk about what is going to happen.  Choose one  tree that you will follow for a whole year and take a picture of it.   Each time it changes take another picture.  Do it for a year… it’s  a fun way to  teach observation and also makes a nice framed collage for next year!  

Keep on hiking families.