Today’s classes = A full heart.  

3, 4 and 5 year olds are so amazing and sharing my time with them and their parents makes my sun shine. 

We began our day with an “Eye Spy” book where the kids helped to identify animals by seeing their eyes and color.  It was great to see all of them so engaged and full of answers.  Each time they met with success they wanted more and more.  Most of the time I become so rapt with them that nothing else going on in my life matters.  A breath of fresh air!!




Drumming was something I decided to introduce to the kids this season.  I’ve always felt drumming is such a great outlet for kids and adults alike.  When I introduced the drum to them a few weeks ago you could see the kids were dying to get their hands on it!  I’ve also incorporated these homemade bamboo rhythm sticks,  so the kids can play along when they are not having their turn up at the drum.  This week we worked on slow and fast drumming.  I think almost every kid came up to drum and when it was time for the moms to do it we had three brave moms volunteer . Best part of that was seeing how proud the kids were of their moms.  Lots of loving hugs for them.  Ahhhh so wonderful!  My hope is to get all the kids drumming by the end of our eight classes together!

 It’s all part of my philosophy of, “its’ okay to be loud, get dirty and be less fearful.”  (that goes for parents too!!)






Their seasonal trees were completed today.  The first week they printed their trees with styrofoam and paint. This week they finished with cotton for the snow and oil pastels for leaves and blossoms.  Just lovely!!  Every piece is unique…. just like these kids 🙂


A yes we finally got outside!  Still a bit chilly but the air was so fresh.  We began by bird watching all the Robin Red Breasts eating the Staghorn Sumac.   Don’t worry moms, it is not poison sumac …. they have white berries.  We were able to to see the birds up close and also examine what it was they were eating.  Yum yum…

Eye spy the Robins…..


Onward  we hiked with the kids making sure we waited up for everyone!  So funny.  Always a blast on the trails.  

Great to see them climb and explore.ImageImageImageImageImage

Oh so many images to share but I’ll stop now…

Great kids, great parents and a fantastic day at Avalon!!

Get those kids outside

peace,   Miss Aunt Sue (as Lola calls me!)