…… and of course they will climb it!  

Today the 4-6th grade group was ready for adventure. My plan was to take them “off trail” to show them where the deer bed down at night. They all agreed they were ready for the journey.  

We wandered through the yellow, blue and white trails  getting closer to our point of going “off” but it was interrupted by this gigantic tree which had fallen in the woods, “Can we climb it?” they asked.  I would never say no to that question.  So they set off on their adventure and thank goodness there were no parents there because I could hear their voices in my head, “ooh be careful, no don’t go there…..etc. ”  but I let them be (of course hoping that no one would get hurt – I really am a responsible adult!!!)  They climbed and climbed and climbed!

It was amazing to see  them take chances and succeed.  I could see them smile big time as they gave me a high five for completing the climb.  It was a lovely sight…. monkey in a tree!  Doing what these kids should be doing.  Ahhhhh what a relief for all of them.  

Here are my monkeys:



So we scrapped the “off trail” deer idea and spent the whole time on this tree.  Time passed quickly and it was time to return but it was not as easy as it should have been because many of the kids decided they wanted to take these huge broken branches back with them.  Ok, I thought if they want to carry these things why not, we can use them in the garden or some other project (one girl wanted to build a fort).  They carried them all the way back!  I was so impressed with them… it took a little longer but we made it!!!

They were like the Native Americans of yesteryear….  or the settlers dragging wood for their fires….  


It was a great day in the woods.  🙂

Get those kids outside!