I find it amusing to watch these children collect things.  At times it’s been acorns but today it was stalks from the spent wildflowers.  Celeste, Kathryn and Samantha were straggling behind collecting the stalks.  When I asked them why they said, “because we want to build a fort.”  Of course… how silly I am!  I don’t know what exactly they had in mind but when we arrived at our destination they were ready to build. 

Interestingly, when they arrived they seemed unsure about what to do.  But this was a great opportunity for them to work together and figure it out.  And they did.   Time passed so quickly and we had to leave to go back to the waiting parents.  They were just beginning to get into full building mode and I had to be the party pooper telling them we had to go. ” Nooooooooo, we’re not done”  I actually felt bad and the playfulness in me wanted to stay til the sun went down, but I’m an adult and I had to deliver these kids back to their parents….  Sometimes I have to be the enforcer.   



We finally got on the road back to the barn …. 10 minutes late (oops)  And I consoled them by saying we can return next time to see what has happened to their creation.  I wish they were coming back next week… I love the adventure, the spirit and the willingness to create with nothing but nature.  Fun stuff!!!!!

Until next time…. get outside!