Today we took to the garden with our drum.  I figured it would be a great day to do our class outside.  

As Rylie slammed on the drum, the kids ran around until she stopped drumming,  then they froze.  Let’s just say I thought this was an awesome idea until the injuries began.  Although nothing serious occurred I really tried to minimize the reaction to getting scrapes.  I am a mom and I understand that these things happen… so I offer a quiet soothing hug and that seemed to work.  But I do feel bad when there are bumps, scrapes and bruises and tears.  😦 

Once we settled down and put the drum away we listened to “MUNCHA MUNCH MUNCHA” by Candace Fleming  a story about a frustrated gardner named Mr. McGreely.  Those darn bunnies kept getting into his garden eating his veggies.  Ugh…. what a drag for him …. over time he built up his garden wall and …… well I’ll stop there cause I don’t want to spoil it for you.  Check it out at the library.

 Next it was time to get some new soil into our garden.  



Luckily there was a pile of fresh compost for us to use (Thanks Rebecca!!) and the kids were ready with shovels big and small to fill up their space of the garden where they would plant lettuce seeds.  (luckily our garden is well protected from bunnies)!

Here they are hard at work!  The amazing Kindergartners!!!  i just stood back and watched.



Next we examined the lettuce seeds.  We tried to guess what they would look like….   They planted them with the hope that our lettuce would bring us something to munch on in the coming months.  It’s always a gamble… but one I am willing to take with the kids 🙂


Once we finished and put away our tools we were ready to go out into the field to chase after balls from this slingshot I bought. 

However as we walked into the field the kids came running up to me and said, “Miss Sue, what is that?”  

At first glade I thought it was a turd.  but upon closer examination I realized it was the remains of a mommy bunny.  Basically her intestines along with the baby bunnies that she was carrying inside her.  Oh so sad.  Hmmmm what is the best way to explain this?Image

Yes it is part of nature and this does happen sometimes. They circle of life, I think they call it.  Cute little Zachary summed it up by saying, “They are taking a nap”.  A reasonable choice considering he is only five.  We chatted a bit more about it and then continued out into the field to chase balls.  (in the back of my mind I was so sad for those unborn bunnies… hoping that the kids didn’t have nightmares…)

As the class came to a close I have to say that in one hour we experienced joy, sadness, joy and tiredness…. (is that a word?)

It was a good day to share with them and only brought us closer as a group.  Peace and sunshine