A great day to start off the season with our garden.  Cleaning and preparing the luscious soil to give birth to our plants with the help of Mother Sunshine!

Our 3-4 year old groups and parents were ready to lend a hand to clean out our box garden from its sleeping state.  They cleared out the branches that will once again hold our bean plants and also tilled the soil.   So wonderful to see the kids getting their hands dirty!!!!


Look at Finn’s face of  determination as he moves the branchImagea

As yes then the unearthing of weeds and WORMS.  I was so pleased to see these children cooperating and working in harmony as they  searched for gold in the form of wiggliness!  No one screeched or eeewwwwed when the worms were found.  It was more like shrieks of pure joy!  Dig in kids, dig in!


Ah yes the prize!!!Image

Now  ready to prepare with their heads down and hard at work!

This season this garden box  will be shared with the Kindergarten and Grades 1-3 groups.  It will be fun to track the development.




When we finished our work in the garden we had the opportunity to run out in the freshly cut wildflower fields.  Just what we all needed after toiling in the garden and the  long hard winter.  



Run!!! Run, Run!!!!  I even see some parents out there too.  

On that note,  I love the parents who are willing to come be outside to be with their kids.  Perhaps they realize what a gift they are giving to their children. If not, you need to know I am impressed.  It is important for this young generation to learn to love our earth so that they will take care of it for future.  ( oh I sound so preachy…. yuck) 

So for now get out into a field, run, scream and laugh…. it’ll do your winterized body good!

Peace and hiking,