Couldn’t help but write about something that occurred last week while I was teaching my class.  Image

I was working with my Kindergarten gang in the garden and field.  When we finished, the moms, dads and siblings hung around as they sometimes do.  Today it was extra special because Emma, who is in my older Natural Patterns class, chose to create this amazing structure from the recently cut wildflower fields.    

She was busy as a bee creating what looked like a teepee shaped shelter complete with an entrance.  

All of this came from within her!   How amazing to take the initiative and focus on creating a piece of natural art!  She was so proud and  protective of it.  I was in awe.

It reminded me of the work of Patrick Dougherty, an artist who creates amazing sculptures by bending sticks.  Sounds simple, but when you look at his work you can’t help but want to climb inside and take it all in.  I did have opportunity to see one of his pieces in California years ago along with my daughter.  There is something so primitive and earthly about them.  

Check it out!



When it is was finally time to go she reluctantly walked away knowing that it would never look the same but she hoped that the next time she returned it would still be there. 

Being outside gives us all the opportunity to look at what is around us.  For some it inspires art, poetry or just peace.  Whatever it is take some time to BE out there and perhaps you’ll walk away with more than you came with.  I know that Emma did!

Thank you Emma for making my day! 





Check out :  for more about Patrick Dougherty