My Inspirations class  (4th – 6th graders),  planned, prepared and planted a small garden on the side of the Barn at Avalon.  Well today was harvest day for  juicy ripe tomatoes, onions and peppers, parsley, oregano and basil!

Here’s how it all began:


Darn Weeds!


A job well done!


Hard working boys!


Next step planting and sawing the wood for dividers.  Awesome!

  IMG_2901 IMG_2897 IMG_2906 IMG_3393

 And today was the proudest day.  Chris said he is going to go home and “make the biggest salad for his whole family!”  What better way to understand where our whole foods come from than to grow them!

I am so proud of all of the kids and I look forward to their return in the Fall!

Until then….. mangia!!

IMG_3975 IMG_3971 IMG_3982 IMG_3978