“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared” -Edward Vernon Rickenbacker (WW1 Flying Ace)

Each child comes to my class with their own set of fears. It can be as simple as being afraid to speak up in class or being afraid to jump from a high place. But today these kids showed me that they can express that they are scared and move forward to try things that they might otherwise not do because of fear. For example, while we were waiting for everyone to finish a project some of the kids decided to jump off the outside bannister onto the ground. Some did it with ease and then there was Kenzie, who sat up there with fear running through her mind. She sat and sat, whined and sat. But when she was finally ready she did it! All on her own and she ran over and I high fived her! She was so proud!!

Another opportunity was the use of a hand saw. Needless to say these kids are 4th and 5th graders and most of them have probably never used a saw of any kind. So while we were cutting down some sunflowers I gave them an opportunity to give it a go. With some excitement and apprehension they got to work. No one lost any limbs and no blood was shed. They did it!!! Success once again!

Finally our hike of the day… the kids found a great climbing tree (of course) Zoom!!! They were up there like monkeys… but there were a few that were saying “that’s dangerous.”  I can hear some of those kids channeling their nervous parents cries of fear… oh no! don’t do that! That’s too high… but their parents were not there … just me. So as the tentative kids watched the climbers I could see the desire to climb grow. Suddenly one of the boys said, “I’m gonna do it!” and he did !


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Cool kids!