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Well it’s that time of the year again.  We’ve had over 64 classes total with all the age levels and we managed to strengthen our love and respect for nature.

I am grateful for ALL of these children and families that come to Avalon to share in the joy of nature.   As I look back at all the photos I’ve taken this past season I smile.  I think of all the littles guys  who held my hands as we hiked.   I think back to the lessons my older kids learned from other naturalists, such as Len who talked to them about why and how he raises pheasants and bobwhite quail on the grounds of Avalon. I think about the night hikes which were always met with excitement All of it was so  inspiring to them and it  confirms that I am in the right place in my life doing just what I want to be doing.

My overall goal with these classes has and will continue to be getting kids OUTSIDE.  I cannot express how important this is for the future of our lives here on this planet.  These children will always have these memories of frogs, trees, hiking  in their hearts, so hopefully they will own it and protect it as they grow into young adults and one day, parents (yikes!).

Not only that, it is so fantabulous and  healthy to spend time in the outdoors rather then cooped up in a classroom or watching TV.

So to celebrate,  our last class is always about roasting that cube made of sugar, the marshmallow!!!  Luckily we have a great fire pit at the barn!!  Also, Chris once again brought in his hot dogs to roast.  How fun and yummy!!!

Here are some crazy photos.  Enjoy and we’ll see you on the other side in March.  Peace out….. Miss Sue

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What happens when you give a bunch of 4-6 graders nets and cups and set them loose on a small pond?  They make magic happen!

Today we spent the day at the pond and they were able to catch over 11 frogs!!!  Fabulous, fantastic, frogs!!!  They were all so excited and the time flew by as we nibbled on some blueberries from the bushes surrounding the pond.

I know most of these kids have not had the opportunity to do this and probably surprised themselves by catching those frogs.  Some big, some small, some still with their tails!!!

A parent thanked me today for doing what I do, but really all I do is walk them to the pond and set them free.  It is the environment  which does the job and brining to life the kids’ sense of adventure.

I always feel we sell kids short and don’t give them enough opportunities to be successful (aside from school)  They are creating their own adventures by taking off their shoes and wading in the stream or walking in the ponds with their sneakers on, with no parent there to yell at them and deter them.  I love my job…. (of course I am a parent and I care about safety but my tolerance for risk taking is different than most.  (Chime in on this if you’d like)

So here is their treasure …. all of which were thrown back…. I believe in teaching respect…. lesson learned

IMG_4057 IMG_4067 IMG_4052 IMG_4042 IMG_4040

Peace Sue