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Yesterday was a  beautiful fall day.  I was able to hold the class outside.  It felt so wonderful to sit on our squares and talk about fall and what happened to the trees surrounding us.  I asked, “what did the trees look like before they were empty” The preschoolers responses were varied and most of them said there were leaves on the trees.  Most of them said they were colored leaves.  It was hard for them to remember all the way back to the time when the leaves were green.  But finally we got there!  Something so simple that most take for granted.   It truly is an amazing cycle.

It’s great to just sit on the ground an talk about what is all around you. We could hear and see the geese flying, we could hear the pheasants squawking, and of course Owen heard the trains, “double deckers!”  Perhaps one thing a parent can share with their child is just sitting outside and listening.  It doesn’t take up that much time.  Especially now that fall is ending and the leaves are gone… there are so many different sounds available to our ears.  The need for our children to be able to  play outside is gaining more and more importance as we are seeing studies saying the there is a connection between lack of outdoor play in kids and learning issues.   Anyway, I digress to make that statement which is always on my mind.  Preachy Miss, Mrs., Mrs Aunt Sue !!!

Our class went on a leaf hunt and selected some oak leaves (no shortage of those) Each child brought their leaf back to the rock table to make a silhouette painting.  It was challenging but with the help of parents and grandparents they were able to pull it off and boy were they proud! So simple and so fun!

Here are a few pics:

IMG_5011 IMG_5012 IMG_5015


Then we went for a great hike to the magical evergreen tree!  I love this place.  We also discovered a lot too.  Saw some more pheasants, so beautiful!

IMG_5021 IMG_5023 IMG_5025

It was a fabulous day!!!

Get em outside!!!



If you were to give a child a ball of yarn in the woods what do you think they would do with it?  Well, yesterday I had the honor of standing back and watching.

Today I thought we would take it outdoors and the product was a half an hour of weaving and bobbing and trying not to get stuck in the web that they were creating.  They all took the web weaving very seriously.  I outlined the web with a strand of yarn to get them started then tied each child’s ball of yarn to the frame of the web, then set them free!!!! They took it further than the five trees we started with .  Pretty soon the web was expanding and expanding and expanding.  They were so very busy thinking of where they could go to next.  Needless to say these 5 year olds were very careful to not tie down their friends in the web. If someone got stuck they would help each other.  It was fabulous.

IMG_4706IMG_4705IMG_4703 IMG_4698IMG_4711What a fun day!!  As we were getting ready to pack it in the sun was setting and one of the kids said to me, “look at the sunset!”  Yes!!  look at it … what a beautify streak of pinky purple, couldn’t ask for a better ending to the day!

So give your kid a ball of yarn and let them get started!!!

with love, Misses Aunt Sue (as some of the kids call me!)

This place, this magical place where kids open their minds ….. Avalon Park.


Laying on the stone wall, my view of the barn at Avalon

Where our children arrive ready for a new adventure. It is never the same.  For today my 9, 10, and 11 year olds will be given the gift of creating their own garden.  That means visiting the shed, getting the tools and weeding.  This process will make this garden theirs.  It is not readied by a landscaper or a parent.  It is their sweat which will make this a success.  And so it begins…. a place of their own.


Ah yes the pesky weeds are afoot!!!  Go get em !!!!




I loved standing back, listening to them talking to one another, laughing, complaining, and some of them taking charge.  It is a magical process which we as adults sometimes interrupt before it happens.   Look at these amazing young kids!


Liam and Chris get started


Hazel contributing her weeds to the pile!




Garden Gold!



Something is going on here

I know these kids went home tired but they were still smiling when they completed their mission.  I am always to happy to hear that some of them have gardens at home.  And for those who don’t they have this place of their own.


The aftermath!

Bravo, Kathryn, Sophia, Shannon, Hazel, Liam and Chris!!  Next week we plant!!!

Couldn’t help but write about something that occurred last week while I was teaching my class.  Image

I was working with my Kindergarten gang in the garden and field.  When we finished, the moms, dads and siblings hung around as they sometimes do.  Today it was extra special because Emma, who is in my older Natural Patterns class, chose to create this amazing structure from the recently cut wildflower fields.    

She was busy as a bee creating what looked like a teepee shaped shelter complete with an entrance.  

All of this came from within her!   How amazing to take the initiative and focus on creating a piece of natural art!  She was so proud and  protective of it.  I was in awe.

It reminded me of the work of Patrick Dougherty, an artist who creates amazing sculptures by bending sticks.  Sounds simple, but when you look at his work you can’t help but want to climb inside and take it all in.  I did have opportunity to see one of his pieces in California years ago along with my daughter.  There is something so primitive and earthly about them.  

Check it out!



When it is was finally time to go she reluctantly walked away knowing that it would never look the same but she hoped that the next time she returned it would still be there. 

Being outside gives us all the opportunity to look at what is around us.  For some it inspires art, poetry or just peace.  Whatever it is take some time to BE out there and perhaps you’ll walk away with more than you came with.  I know that Emma did!

Thank you Emma for making my day! 





Check out :  for more about Patrick Dougherty