Over the past two day I’ve spent with the Natural Patterns kids….  k-3 graders…. we talked of clouds, painted outside, looked at how the top of the trees roll up and down like a roller coaster against the sky, discovered spittle bugs hiding out in the fields. So delicious, every moment of discovery.  

Some of my favorite moments:

Zachary in the moment, painting his tree and clouds with wax paper as Mae takes a moment to lay in the grass with here eyes closed. 

Love the freedom.  Could you imagine if an adult was doing something then decided to just lay down on the grass in the middle of it all? A funny thought.  

Heads down in concentration….




Heads down working together to clean the paint covered plexiglass plates used to create their images.

Working together, standing in puddles, getting wet.  Involved…. thoughts focused.Image 

Heads down looking at these tiny red bugs that Thomas discovered…. focused on the red as they squish them with rocks.

So present in what they were doing…..  busy busy busy in the sunshine.






Heads down hunting and discovering spittle bugs.  Hiding amongst their butt spit!  What do they look like those nymphs?  How many can you find?  Hundreds… the more they looked the more they found.  



The downward gaze of these faces…. means they are inquisitive and engaged.  I am so proud of these young naturalists and can only hope that they continue to enjoy all that nature offers as they go through life.  Awesome!!!!