Well not really, but today the kids planted their pizza garden.  It is comprised of tomatoes, onion, pepper, oregano, parsley and basil. 

They worked hard to create the homemade separations for their garden, comprised of wood found in the pile of branches out back behind the barn.  But first we had to make the branches fit.

It was the perfect opportunity for all the kids to use a saw.  It was interesting to see how each child had their own level of tolerance for the effort they were willing to put into making a cut in the branch.  


 To me sawing wood seems so primitive.  One of the kids said, “get out the chain saw!”   No way!!!

 It is an invaluable lesson for each of these kids to know what it is to work hard at something. They are so desensitized to swords, guns and other weaponry from watching TV or playing video games.  But to actually hold something sharp and use it in a real way helps to  create a form of respect.    Most of them have never sawed anything before.   They did a great job and no fingers or toes were lost.


As a result they were able to divide their pizza garden into six sections with the branches they sawed.  Pretty darn good effort!  Then the planting and watering occurred.  I am so excited to see how the garden will grow. Wish us luck!!!


Hey it’s not the most perfect looking garden, BUT it is theirs.  So glad it is raining today!!!

Perhaps I’ll have to buy them a pizza for our last class….. their crops won’t be ready til the summer!  But it will be worth the wait.

Bravo kids!!!