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ImageBenjamin was so excited to show me how he could skip!  So when we started our hike in the wildflower fields he took off in his bright yellow shirt skipping all the way!  He skipped and skipped and before you know it there were more skippers or hoppers or runners following him.  It was contagious.  So much so that I joined in the fun.  All that counted at that moment was the kids were free and doing what they wanted. So fun!

Maybe we could have skipping day at work???  Wouldn’t it be funny to watch your co-workers skip to the coffee room.  Ha!!!

Skipping is an acquired skill.  We don’t just skip…. our body has to be ready to skip.   Most kids will skip by 5 but don’t fret if your child is not quite there yet!  Get our there and  skip or perhaps gallop, another acquired skill.  Add on horse neighs and you’re really multitasking. Whew!

To see all these children back at Avalon doing what they belong doing is precious.  No cell phones, no  video games…. just pure organic fun.

Some kids chose to walk and that was just as good.  There was more time to look for flowers and bugs.  It’s all good!


I’d like to believe that in our own way we are accomlishing this at Avalon with the Seedlings programs.  Take a look at the video.

Let’s  get our children outside!!!!


Field Notes from the Future: Tracking the Movement to Connect People and Nature

via THE RIPPLE EFFECT: Thanks to All Those Who Made C&NN’s Sept. 6 Fundraising Gala a Huge Success — For Family Nature Clubs and the Movement.

Today I took a walk at Avalon where I will begin my Fall classes next week.  It was nice to visit the trail  with my dog Lucy and stroll through the swaying  trees. There are so many places that make me smile and I can almost hear the kid’s voices as I walk through different parts of the park.


The quiet and still pond with frogs relaxing on the rocks.  Duckweed floating aimlessly through the water.  Although I am surrounded with noises from the birds and the trickling of the waterfall, the sounds of laughter and excitement are missing., but secretly I hear them in my head.  I smile.  All the frogs that the kids caught, kids falling in the pond….. constant activity.

All is quiet…….  for now!


We continued on walking toward the wildflower fields to see which flowers were in  bloom.  I saw a milkweed bug and it made me laugh.  The memories of us running around the fields capturing bugs and always  holding true to the promise that we would let them go when we were finished exploring.  We were hunters and the atmosphere was electric!!!!

  Some flowers remain and the the milkweed pods are almost ready to burst.


Finally we made it to the Barn and into the garden.  There were still nasturtium blooming.  I remember some of the kids tasting the peppery flower that our preschoolers planted. ” Blech! ” “Yum!” “My mother would like that!”

Our trellis for the beans lay like a sleeping baby…. next spring we will begin again!


I am looking forward to meeting new families and welcoming back some of our returning families!

We are going to have a blast and create more memories to share.

Keep on hikin